Tyler Coia

Tyler Coia

Welcome to a website dedicated to the interests of Tyler J. Coia. As a professional mechanic, Tyler J. Coia loves working with his hands. Even when he’s not in his garage, it’s not uncommon to see Tyler J. Coia working on a home remodeling construction process or set up in his garage for some woodworking. One of the things Tyler J. Coia loves so much about blue-collar work is that it allows him to play his favorite country music in the background.

This website will serve as a place for Tyler J. Coia to educate people on some of the top country singers to check out. In addition to his country music takes, Tyler Coia will also share information on his blog about the Indiana Pacers and Indiana college basketball. For now, let’s get into some of the country music artists, Tyler J. Coia believes you should add to your playlist.

Luke Combs

Tyler Coia can’t recommend Luke Combs enough. The reigning CMA entertainer of the year, it’s incredible the level of sustained success Luke Combs has enjoyed over the past several years. Combs has a unique voice in country music, and he writes mostly about family, love, and personal growth. Tyler J. Coia notes that he doesn’t typically enjoy country singers that are on the country pop charts as well as the traditional country music charts, but Luke Combs is an artist that even people who don’t particularly enjoy country music seem to fall in love with.

Much has been made of the national tour of Taylor Swift in 2023, but Tyler J. Coia recommends people take notice of the sold-out World Tour that Luke Combs is currently on. Regularly selling out stadiums, it’s a testament to just how many hit songs Combs has been able to produce in his short career. Tyler J. Coia looks forward to all of the awesome country music Combs will produce moving forward.

Johnny Cash

Tyler J. Coia doesn’t’ believe you can make a list of country singers without mentioning the man in black, Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash passed more than two decades ago, but his legacy in the world of music lives on today and will continue to do so thanks to his collection of heartfelt country ballads. Johnny Cash sung about topics that were designed to pull on the heartstrings of listeners. When Tyler J. Coia is looking for music to reflect a more solemn or reflective mood, he’s going to turn to Johnny Cash on his playlist.

Kenny Chesney

While Kenny Chesney may have peaked in popularity in the early 2000s, he continues to experience success on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs. Kenny Chesney is the perfect country music to listen to on a Friday. Tyler J. Coia recommends Kenny Chesney for anyone looking to have a good time or celebrate an occasion. For those who have Sirius Radio, Tyler Coia has his station called No Shoes Radio. This station is packed with Kenny Chesney classic songs and music that Kenny recommends himself. Sometimes, country music can be soulful and sad, but with Kenny Chesney, it’s almost always a party to listen to.

Tim McGraw

Tyler Coia notes that when Tim McGraw hit the scene more than two decades ago, many supporters of the Philadelphia Phillies only referred to him as the son of pitcher Tug McGraw. 16 records later, with ten of them reaching the number one spot on the Top Country Album charts McGraw has grown into one of the living legends of the country music industry. While Tyler J. Coia notes that Tim McGraw has a laundry list of hits, but anyone looking to get a sense of McGraw’s music check out “Live Like You Were Dying.” It’s an inspirational song that McGraw wrote about his father who was battling a life-threatening illness that eventually took his life. It’s a great song to listen to when looking to gain perspective on life.

Tyle Coia even enjoys some of the acting credits of McGraw who famously portrayed the husband of Sandra Bullock’s character in The Blindside and one of the high school football-obsessed dads in Friday Night Lights.

These are just a few of the artists Tyler J. Coia will be listening to for the rest of his life. Tyler Coia encourages anyone who has yet to give country music a chance to listen to some of the above artists. Taking the time to listen to the lyrics can teach anyone that country music is often a form of modern-day poetry. Johnny Cash can be given a lot of credit for growing the popularity of country music and there’s no shortage of modern singers who continue to push the popularity of the genre to new heights.

Thanks for visiting the website of Tyler J. Coia. Tyler Coia is particularly excited about future blog posts. From ranking his favorite country music songs to previewing the upcoming seasons for both the Pacers and the Indian Hoosiers, there will be something different for everyone to enjoy. The goal is to update the blog regularly, so be sure to come back early and often for the latest insights from Tyler Coia.